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Parking Perception: Enhancing Safety and Convenience in Modern Facilities

The Quickening Pace of Change

We live in a world that evolves faster than ever. In today's information-driven society, shortcomings are quickly highlighted on social media, rated, and virally sent out to your potential customers. Parking operators and managers must address shortcomings professionally and proactively.

A Shift in Safety Priorities

In my 43 years in the business, safety was always a concern but never as prominent as today. The threat assessment, both real and perceived, has grown significantly. Modern garage managers must proactively address lighting, cleanliness, and convenience to provide safe and attractive facilities.

Perceived Threats Are in Our Control

The perceived threat of being unsafe is within our control. Maintaining security systems, adequate lighting, cleanliness, and functioning equipment creates an inviting and safe environment. Operators should prioritize these components to ensure a welcoming atmosphere both inside the facility and on the surrounding sidewalks.

The Importance of Lighting

Foot Candles (FC) measure light intensity, and the parking industry has minimum standards for various facility locations. Efficient lighting products that provide higher FC levels with reduced power usage are available. Regularly review and improve lighting in darker spaces to enhance safety and create a well-managed appearance.

Regular Security Assessments

Security, both real and perceived, must be addressed in every garage. Regular assessments of security staff, cameras, and technology are crucial. Customers increasingly feel the need for security personnel’s presence or to have someone on the phone as they walk to their cars. Training security personnel to offer these services can improve the feeling of safety.

Cleanliness Enhances Safety Perception

Cleanliness is a critical component of safety perception. A well-maintained facility feels safe, while a neglected one feels unsafe. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Observations show that we are generally doing better than in the past, but constant attention is required to maintain high standards.

Enhancing Convenience

Parking convenience includes both location and structural friendliness, as well as the accessibility of information. Customers need all necessary information to confidently use your facility. Online information and reservation systems are crucial for modern customers. Managers must make their facilities available and convenient for all potential customers.

Conclusion: Elevating Your Facility

Evaluate your management to ensure it prioritizes safety, perception, and convenience. TPN encourages making your garage attractive with adequate lighting, providing comprehensive security measures, and promoting your facility as the best in the industry. By doing so, you can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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