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Owner and founder Clyde Wilson, started TPN as a general parking consulting company which then evolved into a parking financial and operations performance monitoring firm. With the goal of providing unique performance monitoring programs for TPN clients, Clyde developed the Parking Tax Recovery program back in 2000,TPN’s Performance Monitoring (PM) program in 2003, Focus Point Parking in 2007, Flow Thru Technologies in 2013, and the now industry leading parking information management program Focus Analytics in 2020. These industry-changing parking solutions take parking revenue and operational oversight to a new level of sophistication and productivity, assuring clients that their parking operation and revenue is being monitored by the most experienced parking performance and audit professionals in the industry. 


In 2000, TPN's Parking Tax recovery program was carefully designed and managed by the top parking professionals in the industry at the time. It became so successful that it increased the parking tax income for the City of Miami by 25% in the first year. In four years from 2004 to 2008 the City of Los Angles parking tax income increased from 48M to 90M under the program created by TPN. 


In 2003, Clyde started working on and creating what is now the PM program. PM is a program that uses the method of gathering information to make decisions on which garages were under-performing so that resources could be focused where they could have the highest impact. PM evolved into a remote monitoring system of our clients revenues reducing or eliminating their need for financial audits. 

In 2007, Clyde created the infamous Focus Point Parking which was the very first professionally remotely managed parking operation. Clyde believed the technology of today could help advance the outdated way of parking and knew the industry was ready for a change. Clyde innovated the idea of remotely monitoring locations using onsite cameras as well as managing each transaction through the PARCS systems.  By remotely and centrally monitoring locations in a Command Center, TPN not only made the parking process frictionless, but also monitored the the revenue and helped clients reduce slippage and maximize their revenue. The industry did not believe this new concept would work, however today, thousands of parking locations are remotely monitored and attendants in booths are a thing of the past. The industry saw results in which every Focus operation, 10 to 15 parking employees were removed from the payroll and the gross revenue increased by 18%.  The proof was in the numbers.  

Focus Point Parking was sold and acquired by Central Parking System in 2010 who is now currently SP+.  SP+ still operates TPN's original Focus Command Center in Austin, TX and remotely manages over 300 locations nationwide.  


Always trying to create better solutions, Clyde went on to create Flow Thru Technologies which was the very first parking hardware system created that removed the parking ticket from the operation. Clyde created the Flow Thru System of replacing the parking ticket issued to a parking customer with the use of the customer’s phone number. Clyde tested and researched for over a decade to determine what the easiest solution would be for parkers to enter and exit a facility without having to use a time consuming app or website. Clyde knew the phone number was something everyone had, was easy to remember, and was unique to every individual. The phone number concept has now been duplicated and used by companies across the nation - thanks to TPN's very own Clyde Wilson!


Alongside the PM program, TPN has created the Focus Analytics Program which conducts a microscopic investigation of the data generated by your PARCS equipment as well as the overall function of the parking operation. We translate what the numbers mean and how they relate to your operation and building. TPN  offers an in-depth data analysis which will tell the story you need to know to maximize revenue without sacrificing customer satisfaction.  


TPN has also served across the nation as a consulting guru for parking solutions. Clients include parking companies that have over 30 years of experience as well as start ups in the industry. Our industry knowledge, experience based wisdom and innovative approach have anchored us as an important pillar in the parking industry. 


Here at TPN, we have years of experience and proven results improving parking operations and revenue for commercial properties, small operators, colleges & universities, municipalities, hospitals and medical centers, transportation, and airports.

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