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municipal tax program

TPN's newest developed program - Performance Monitoring was developed to improve upon the traditional audit process. Similar to, this is the inevitable evolution of the conventional parking facility audit. Designed by TPN, it changes the way audits can be conducted. We analyze the facility data and processes, providing guidance and experience to constantly improve operations. A technology-driven solution, Performance Monitoring creates a more real-time, ongoing collaboration between the owner, the operator, and the auditors. Using your current parking equipment, we focus on current and future operations, protecting and increasing parking revenue.
TPN has the only Municipal Tax Program designed specifically for the rigorous requirements of managing a parking tax audit program. The development of this program required us to create database requirements, search requirements, evaluation requirements, document requirements, and a special set of audit procedures designed specifically for the task of reviewing every public parking operation in the entire city. Proven to work in two major cities, our process and experience are easily transferable to any city looking to increase parking tax revenue collected.  Click here to read more about our Municipal Tax Program.
TPN is a full-service consulting firm.  In addition to the TPN specifically developed programs, TPN Professionals have been instrumental in the industry with the assistance of RFP Development, Operational Training Manuals, Mass Transit Operational Processing, Parking Facility Marketing Plans, etc.  Feel free to CONTACT TPN to see how their professional team can assist you with your parking needs!

providing leading business services

The Parking Network’s (TPN) extensive Financial and Operational Reviews are unparalleled in the industry. So detailed, the reviews have earned the reputation as “the most forensic reviews”. TPN provides our clients with an in-depth analysis of their parking operation, while also educating our clients on the industry. We offer effective and innovative solutions to your facility’s parking challenges.  Click here to read more about our Financial and Operational Reviews.