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• Identify active and used garage access devices that were not billed

• Discover unauthorized discounted monthly parking

• Eliminate rolling grace periods with no customer service issues

• Reduce unaccounted for tickets as a percentages of total tickets distributed

• Compare actual vs. budgeted management statement line items

• Modify inadequate exception log procedures that had resulted in lost transient revenue

• Identify customers and employees not parking in designated nested areas that are  instead parking in revenue producing transient spaces

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What is performance monitoring?

Revenue Parking Management 

Performance Monitoring was developed to improve upon the traditional audit process. Designed by TPN, it changes the way audits can be conducted.

We analyze the facility data and processes, providing guidance and experience to constantly improve operations.  

A technology-driven solution, Performance Monitoring creates a more real-time, ongoing collaboration between the owner, the operator, and the auditors.