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The end result was Focus Point Parking, the first totally remotely managed parking operation in the country. Focus Point Parking exceeded the customer satisfaction goals we had established and also exceeded our expectations of the lack of difficulty required to remotely manage a parking facility.

Focus Point Parking was purchased by Central Parking who has now been purchased by Standard Parking. Focus Point Parking and TPN are the names recognized in the parking industry as the pioneers in the development of Remote Centralized Parking Management.

pioneer of remote parking management


The results of TPN's financial reviews showed that current operating methods were making it difficult for parking operators to get all of the clients money to the bank. In an effort to develop a solution, TPN began earnestly in early 2005, developing the plans to correct this financial and control problem in the parking industry.


The development consisted of accomplishing three goals, neither of which had been accomplished in the Parking Industry. The first goal was to move as close to 100% of the revenue, monthly, daily, and validation off-site. The second goal was to be able to remotely handle all customer interaction required for the normal conduct of a parking facility. The third goal was to be sure everything we did improved the service to the owners and customers of each facility. By the middle of 2006 TPN had a successful plan to accomplish each of the three goals and began operation in January 2007.

focus point parking