Clyde is also known for his continued participation as a leader in the Temecula Parking Group. The TPG is a parking industry think tank made up of 20+ parking industry professionals that evaluate the changes in the parking industry and have produced many white papers over the years that have improved the national perception of the parking industry.

The newest venture created by Clyde and the TPN team is Flow Thru Technologies.  Flow Thru is the company created to develop and manage the newest most technologically advanced parking control ever developed.  See

Clyde is best known for his creation of the “Parking Rules To Live By”.  At every presentation he does around the county Clyde gives all of the attendees a plaque with the Rules to Live by.  See Below  

Parking Rules to Live By

“Parking is an on the street business if you are not on the streets you are not in the parking business”

“Our job is to get the tickets on the cars and the money in the bank”

“Know Your Numbers”

Some of his publications are:

“Parking Automation and Rules to Live By:

This was written for the Canadian Parking Association Magazine “The Parker”.

“The 14% Tenant” written for the National BOMA conference and co presented with Barbara Chance.

“Flow Thru Technologies” A game changer for the parking industry, this was written by the editor of Parking Today Magazine in his blog.

“The 28% Solution” this article is found in the NEWS section of the TPN web site.

tpn company bio


TPN has been a leader in the auditing and evaluating of parking operations since 1997.  TPN has also been the leader in creating industry changing technology and operating systems that have virtually changed the way parking is delivered nationally. TPN is the pioneer in the development of Remote parking management having Created Focus Point Parking in 2007, the very first remotely managed parking operation in the country. Focus Point was later sold to Central Parking System in 2010.  Focus Point has become the model for all parking operations around the country that are developing remote management capabilities. Clyde Wilson the owner of TPN was currently named as the director of the Parking Boot Camp for the Parking Industry Exposition (PIE) and lead this year’s most successful Boot Camp with over 70 attendees from around the country. 

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