Codye Sides

Director of Sales and Marketing, The Parking Network, Inc

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Codye Sides has over 12 years of Accounting and Account Management experience.  Recruited by Ernest and Julio Gallo to their leadership program after completing her Bachelor’s degree in International Business she relocated to Austin, Texas in 1999.  Continuing in the Retail Industry as the Zone Administrator for Frito Lay – Austin, she began a family and Austin would become her home.  In 2009, she joined The Parking Network to become part of the first Remote Command Center in the Parking Industry, Focus Point Parking.  Her first job in parking was being part of the experienced and innovative team in the parking industry.  After several years with Focus Point Parking, Codye has returned to audit industry, focusing on the East Coast region.

Codye is currently part of the national audit team based in Austin, TX.  She is also a member of Women In Parking, working together to foster relationships in the industry and participating in their many programs and workshops.

 Mary Beth joined The Parking Network, Inc. in 2008 as part of the national audit team based in Austin, TX after spending five years working in the banking industry.  With a background in auditing procedures and an attention to detail, she was able to quickly adapt her skill set for use in the parking industry and meet the unique needs of TPN’s clients during operational and financial reviews.  A year later, she returned to her native Southern California and began working in the Los Angeles office, contracted by the City to administer the Parking Occupancy Tax Discovery Program. 

In addition to conducting parking occupancy tax audits throughout the city, Mary Beth worked in tandem with the City of Los Angeles Office of Finance to streamline procedures, refine processes and timelines, and increase productivity.  As the newly appointed Director of the LA office, Mary Beth always strives to fulfill the obligations of the Parking Occupancy Tax Discovery Program and believes that maintaining open communication and strong working relationships with operators is key to its success.  As a member of Women In Parking, Mary Beth looks forward to both sharing and acquiring new knowledge and ideas as the parking industry continues to evolve.
Our extensive operationaland financial reviews are unparalleled in the industry. We provide our clients with an in-depth analysis of their parking operations while also educating them on the parking industry. TPN offers practical, useful recommendations as well as innovative parking solutions.TPN also developed, organized, and administered the industry's first Parking Surcharge Tax Program. This program was designed to assist municipalities in the financial analysis of local parking operators and to increase the collection of the city's parking tax. We have years of experience and proven results improving parking revenue for commercial properties, small operators, colleges & universities, municipalities, hospitals and medical centers, transportation and airports.
The Parking Network, Inc. (TPN) was founded in 1997 by experienced parking facility operators who wanted to present solutions to the problems facing the parking industry. These operators knew the key areas of parking operations where revenue can be increased or lost.
Clyde B. Wilson, Jr., the President and owner of The Parking Network, Inc., has over 35 years of experience as a creative, “hands-on” manager of public and private parking facilities and applies his practical, “real world” operational approach with TPN’s consulting programs.  After stints in the Air Force and retailer Sears, he began his career in the parking industry in 1979 in the corporate office of now-giant Central Parking System. After his employment with Central, Clyde joined commercial operating company, APCOA, as a corporate executive. Since co-founding TPN and becoming a consultant in 1997, he has focused his unique problem-solving skills on operational, audit, and management issues for parking facilities in a multitude of settings. 
Beginning as a general parking consulting company, TPN has evolved into a parking financial and operations performance monitoring firm, under Clyde’s vision. With the goal of providing unique performance monitoring programs for TPN clients, Clyde developed TPN’s Dashboard Program, Focus Program, Quality Assurance Program, and Team II Program. These industry-changing parking solutions take parking revenue and operational oversight to a new level of sophistication and productivity, assuring clients that their parking revenue is being monitored by experienced parking performance and audit professionals.
In addition to TPN’s Business Services and audit division, Clyde developed the parking tax collection audit and monitoring program for a system of over 400 parking locations in Miami and over 2000 locations in Los Angeles. These programs have generated tens of millions of dollars of new tax revenue for their respective cities.
A native of Tennessee, Clyde now resides in Houston, TX. He has written articles for several parking publications in the US and internationally and has been a speaker on numerous topics for parking related conventions. Clyde is also a member of the Temecula Parking Group (TPG), a parking “think tank” designed to improve the image, resources, and representation of the parking industry.

Mary Beth Mcnair

Director, The Parking Network, Inc

West Coast Division

clyde b. wilson jr.

PRESIDENT, The Parking Network, Inc

The Parking Network, Inc. (TPN) is a nationwide parking consulting firm, specializing in financial and operational aspects of parking. TPN’s main focus is increasing and protecting parking revenue for our clients, while acting as a solid proponent and catalyst for the implementation of efficient and effective operational procedures. Recently we created Performance Monitoring, a more real-time audit system based upon our years of experience with more traditional financial performance and operational reviews.

We provide consulting services for the top property managers nationally,and since 2005 TPN has been awarded the exclusive parking tax contract in one of our home cities, the City of Los Angeles, which spans over 100 zip codes and 469 square miles. TPN is an industry pioneer in the quality of our operational and financial reviews and municipal tax program services.

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